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To officially mark our success in Asia, we decided to create a grand tour of our main Asia markets. Accompanying me on this exciting trip was John Stone MBE himself. We spent much of the trip meeting and eating with existing and new customers. 

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We exhibited at Gulfood Trade Show, the world’s largest annual food and beverage trade exhibition, showcasing our exceptional produce on the Board Bia Irish exports stand. Our show-stopping stand generated plenty of interest, providing significant opportunity to engage with local and international buyers. We also had the pleasure of visiting 5-star dining destination, Bleu Blanc at the Renaissance Hotel, and discussed meat produce with Head Chef, Alexandre Szkaradkiewicz. 

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Our time in Singapore was spent with key partners, building trade relationships and networking. A whole host of exceptional chefs used John Stone produce to create some phenomenal dishes for us to enjoy including; Paul Hallett (SKAI, Swissotel), Isaac Tan (Bedrock Bar & Grill) and Heidi Flanagan (Shangri La, Origin Grill). Some successful meetings were also held with distribution partner, Classic Fine Foods.

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We enjoyed some unforgettable dining experiences whilst in Tokyo. At the restaurant Artisan, Head Chef Takeshi Sato demonstrated his originality and excellence in the kitchen with his preparation of John Stone beef. Takeshi grilled the beef with Japanese Whiskey and smoked with Japanese cedar before serving, creating incredibly succulent meat. John and I enjoyed similarly wonderful food at the Ritz Carlton and Ukaitei, courtesy of chefs Thierry Martin and William Khala (Ritz Carlton) and Kenichi Hosobuchi and Daisuke Sato (Ukaitei). Our visit to Tokyo concluded with some productive meetings with Classic Fine Foods.

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As part of their efforts to ensure all ingredients they use are sustainable, ethical and traceable, the Grand Hyatt has launched an insightful ‘Meat the Butcher’ series, bringing in suppliers to educate diners on the produce on their plates. I’ve been invited to talk about how John Stone meat is not only high quality but sustainable too. As a precursor for my talk, I visited the Grand Hyatt to meet talented Head Chef, Fernando Gojan. Whilst in Hong Kong, John and I also took the opportunity to meet with distribution partner, Classic Fine Foods.

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为了进一步拓展亚洲市场的业务,近日我们携产品赶赴上海参加了首届中国国际进口博览会 (CIIE)。CIIE 是在中国国家主席习近平亲自倡导下所举办的盛会。John Stone Beef 是爱尔兰食品局 (BordBia) 的成员单位。爱尔兰食品局最初由 12 家企业组建,旨在推动并更好地服务于中国市场。此次展会规模庞大,吸引了为数众多的各行业参展商和产商。4 号展厅的直升机,8 号展厅的牛排……参会者可以采购到他们中意的任何产品!

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在 Allan 的中国之行期间,他还与行政总厨 Liam Crotty 顺道参加了于东京召开的爱尔兰食品局研讨会,并且使用 John Stone 牛肉为大家做了顶级厨艺展示。此次研讨会向日本同仁们展示了爱尔兰牛肉上乘的品质以及悠久的传承。研讨会顺利结束后,在来自 Classic Fine Foods 的 Hiro 同仁的陪同下,Allan 在东京做了短暂停留。

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为了进一步拓展欧洲市场的业务并巩固我们作为干式熟成牛肉领先供应商的地位,我们赶赴巴黎参加了于 2018 年 10 月 21 日 - 25 日召开的法国巴黎国际食品展览会 (SIAL)。SIAL 每两年举办一次,它是目前全世界规模最大的食品创新展览会。今年我们还参加了以下展会:

2019 年 1 月 26 日 - 30 日 – 国际食品餐饮及酒店用品展会 (Sirha),里昂

2019 年 2 月 17 日 - 21 日 – 国际食品加工展览会 (Gulfood),迪拜

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对于 John Stone Beef 来说,亚洲是一个令人兴奋且充满希望的市场。Allan 此次之行,为我们立志成为“肉类领先出口商”的发展目标打下了坚实的基础。在香港、新加坡、上海以及东京等主要城市,他与那里的主要合作伙伴、客户以及同仁们建立了更加牢固的纽带。此行浓墨重彩的一笔是 Allan 在离工厂 11,000 公里以外的餐厅里大快朵颐着 John Stone 牛肉。纵然这些牛肉产品飞跃了千山万水,其品质、嫩度以及风味仍然保持得极其良好。

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能够被提名为“亚洲事务商业奖” (Asia Matters Business Awards) 之“年度餐饮出口商”( Food and Beverage Exporter of the Year),我们感到非常荣幸。这一奖项的授予是在都柏林的 InterContinental Hotel 酒店举办的“亚洲事务商业峰会” (Global Asia Matters Business Summit) 上进行的。

John Stone 因其过去一年凭借自身的商业战略而在亚洲市场取得卓越业绩而最终入围。

“亚洲事务商业奖” 是爱尔兰所设立的一个奖项,旨在认可并表彰在亚洲市场取得突出业绩的爱尔兰企业以及在欧洲乃至全球表现卓越的亚洲企业。  “亚洲事务” (Asia Matters) 是爱尔兰唯一的亚洲问题智库,这一组织旨在为亚洲业务以及合作关系提供策略上的支持和平台。

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