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Join us at The Steakhouse

John Stone Beef at The Steakhouse, Ana Intercontinental, Tokyo

How to cook the perfect steak

Our know how in cooking the perfect steak

Patience is our business

Taking our time to ensure great quality

Focus on Dry-Ageing

Our craftsmanship in the process of Dry Ageing

Animal Selection

How we select the best to ensure we are the best

Boneless Ribs

The best technique for creating the perfect boneless ribs

Knife Philosophy

How to keep your knives in the correct condition

Correct Cutting

How to ensure you are making the accurate cut

The Best in Burgers

The finest ingredients make the best burgers

To find out more call +353 906 432 403 or email info@johnstonebeef.com

John Stone Fine Foods - First to receive the National Halal Mark in the UAE

John Stone Fine Foods - Working with 'Origin Green' accredited farmers

John Stone Fine Foods - Wins GOLD at the ‘World Steak Challenge’

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