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The Best of Ireland

We've got the grass, we've got the climate, we have thousands of years of beef farming experience. Naturally we're good at dry-ageing. At our state of the art facility in Ballymahon, we select only the best. Our master butchers have been known to pass on 90% of the carcasses they inspect before they approve one for the John Stone line. Once selected, the beef is dry aged to our exacting requirements. When that process is complete, we butcher the meat to the highest restaurant standards.

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Global Reach

John Stone Beef is an artisan producer but we have a global reach. All our produce is sourced in Ireland and dry aged and butchered in our Longford factory but tonight – in Tokyo, Hanoi, Dusseldorf, Manilla, Dubai and Singapore – they're eating John Stone Beef. Why? Two reasons: firstly, our meat is different – grass-fed, dry-aged Irish beef doesn't taste like a commodity. It's special. And secondly, we understand our customers. We constantly meet and communicate with our customers. As a result, they get what they want.




Design for Market

Design, branding and storytelling and fifty years of expertise in the Irish food industry




Barbecue grills that combine professional quality with beauty and a sense of fun



Powerscourt Distillery

Ireland's best looking distillery run by one of the country's top distillers


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St Mel's Brewery

Brilliant beers that are accessible and flavoursome to be enjoyed with food and with friends


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Keep Talking!

We're in the business of 'meet' as much as the business of 'meat'. In 2020 we started our Home Delivery service so we've got to put ourselves out there. We're on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. Contact us through any of those channels or just email: info@johnstonebeef.com


Keep Learning!

It's good to share. We try to pass on our knowledge and the skills and experience of our partners. We've created a collection of recipe videos on our YouTube channel hosted by some of Ireland's top chefs including Feargal O'Donnell from The Fatted Calf in Athlone. Check them out here.

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Our consumer retail shop, johnstonebeefshop.com, is closing but it's business as usual here.