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We are a small business but we are a global business. We have to be. The market for high-value beef products such as our Japanese Black range is small in Ireland. We supply the world's best hotels and restaurants with the world's best beef. To that end, we travel the world, meeting chefs and giving demonstrations. It's a two way street; we listen to what chefs want from us and we explain what it is we do.


So far, we've spread the word all over Europe, The Middle East, Singapore, The Philippines, China, Vietnam and Japan. We've covered a lot of miles.

And we welcome chefs here. Whenever possible, we have our customers visit us in our plant in Ballymahon. We show first hand how we dry-age, we bring them to our supplier farms and show them what life is like for a grass-fed animal. We do this because we have a great story to tell. Our beef is not a commodity, it's special. But don't take out word for it, listen to our customers…



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web profile images_gary.jpg
web profile images_gary.jpg

Gary O'Hanlon

Ethics, product quality and consistency are just a few of the things I look for when choosing a product/ingredient but none more so than when it comes to Irish beef - John Stone Beef meets those requirements, and then some. To have peace of mind that every delivery will be to the highest standard possible brings great peace of mind to a Chef. I’ve built a relationship with Allan and John Stone through time and I’m proud to say his Beef has always featured on my menu.

REIF CROP-01.jpg
REIF CROP-01.jpg

Reif Othman

John Stone believes in quality and so do I. Six years ago when I was looking for a supplier for my beef, John Stone stood out among the rest. Not only was I impressed by the quality of their beef, they were also genuine. I wanted to build a relationship and trust with a company who cares about their products and the needs of the client. John Stone exceeded in everything from client service to excellence in product specification. As for the taste, it is undeniably the best.

web profile images_gareth.jpg
web profile images_gareth.jpg

Gareth Mullins

Irish beef is held in the highest esteem around the world because of the integrity and passion of Irish farmers in raising cattle. Since opening our doors, I have chosen John Stone Beef because they epitomise all that Irish beef is famed for. The benefit of this is the unique and delicious flavour of the beef, guaranteed marbling and tenderness through the hand-picked dry ageing process. All these made John Stone an obvious choice for The Marker Hotel.

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